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Christina Jebb Celebrant
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When someone we love dies, it is a great shock - even if the death has been expected. We are coping with our own grief and probably supporting other family or friends too - as well as having to make funeral arrangements and deal with many other issues all in a short space of time.

I can offer you  guidance, support and understanding to help you honour that person’s life and personality in their individual and unique funeral or memorial service, which I will lead as you say farewell.

I also work in partnership with those who know they have limited time left, to help them and their families express their wishes and plan this last important transition time together. It is an honour to then be entrusted with leading this truly unique celebration of their Life.

Funerals and Memorial Services

“Hi Christina, just wanted to thank you again for today. The service was really lovely and I think we gave Bernard  a good send off.” Michelle

“Thank you so much for your beautiful words and the heart and love you shared with us. You really made it a beautifully poignant and moving occasion ....... she was such a positive and warm person  It sounds as if she was as deeply loved outside the family as in it, and I'm so happy that she had such a wonderful friend in you.”  Angie